What is Hypnosis
Hypnosis is a perfectly safe, exploratory or relaxing technique that can benefit anyone. It is the ultimate means of heightening motivation by programming your subconscious mind to work in cooperation with your conscious desires.

People generally do not understand hypnosis and thus they are wary of it. They think of it as entertainment, magic or some mystical form of control. In reality, meditation results in the same altered state, but it doesn’t conjure up the same negative images.

Let me explain it this way. The brain researchers and medical practitioners have divided the brain into four levels of cycles per second activity.

Beta Full consciousness

Alpha Crossing over into sleep at night. Beginning to awaken in the morning.

Theta Early stages of sleep.
Deep meditation
Deep hypnosis

Delta Full sleep to deepest sleep
That’s it. There is no place else to go. Hypnosis can’t put you onto any place other than these areas of cycles per second brain activity. For most people hypnosis is a mid-alpha range activity and although you are definitely in hypnosis, you remain fully conscious of everything that is going on around you.

If someone walks into the room while you are experiencing hypnosis, you will hear them and sense their presence. Hypnosis is a matter of setting aside the conscious mind and narrowing the attention span down to one thing, just as you do when you are beginning to go to sleep at night. It is an altered state of consciousness and state of hypersuggestibility. Because of this suggestibility in the alpha and theta levels, positive programming is extremely effective in helping to creative positive change.

Hypnosis is a perfectly safe technique that anyone who can concentrate for a few moments can learn.
Areas that are helped by hypnotherapy

• Stress Control
• Concentration
• Fear of Success
• Anxiety
• Relaxation
• Problem Solving
• Goal Setting
• Fear/Phobias
• Grief Management
• Self Image
• Fear of Failure
• Mild Depression
• Good Health
• Past-Life Regression
• Expanded Consciousness
• Spirit Guide Connection
• Relationship Issues
• Energy Balancing
• Emotional Clearing
And much more

Text Credit: Dr.Allen S. Chips DCH
and president of National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists

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